Inspired by the Norwegian artist’s most famous painting, Cai Yuan and JJ Xi invited volunteers to take part in a performance of their own interpretation of ‘The Scream’, filmed in 2005 on the very bridge in Norway where Edvard Munch received his idea back in 1893.

Cai & Xi, who gained international fame as the artists’ duo ‘Mad for Real’ by jumping naked on Tracey Emin’s bed, went on to perform ‘The Scream’ for the first time as a public intervention at Tate Modern and on the Millennium Bridge, London in 2012.

The two Chinese artists see their interpretation of ‘The Scream’ as an expression of human existence – of reality, spirituality and humanity: “…a revolution exploding in the depths of your soul.”

The ‘Scream’ series of performances is supported by the Office of Contemporary Chinese Art (www.occa-art.com) and China Live Art (www.chinaliveart.com)

Mad For Real (Cai Yuan and Jian Jun Xi)’s oeuvre has continually questioned the relationship of power to the individual. Using a position of resistance Cai and Xi have consistently produced work which is necessarily oppositional yet the warmth and humour of their work also acts to draw viewers in. Their performances have taken place as radical gestures calling to mind notorious artists of earlier radical art movements but the historical, linguistic and political context of their practice is often related specifically to their origins: China.

For more information about Cai Yuan, Jian Jun Xi and their co-operation as ‘Mad for Real’, please follow this link: www.madforreal.org